For Ordinary Greeks, Big Bailout Adds Up to Years of Hardship _via WSJ


ATHENS—In the fading light of a fall evening, Amarillis Visvardis waits for the day’s first customer at her clothing store in this city’s tony Kolonaki district. She passes the time reading a novel set in 1930s China. No one comes.

Across town, in a neighborhood scarred by drugs, a free health clinic that serves needy illegal immigrants has plenty of clients. Doctors notice something unusual about them: Many are Greeks.


ReutersGreeks protesting austerity blocked a Friday parade in Thessaloniki; here, a riot policeman kisses the hand of an Orthodox monk.

Greece was promised a heap of debt relief at this week’s summit of European leaders. But there is little that looks like salvation. The debt crisis has spurred searing austerity measures that will continue for years, and are likely to prolong the country’s recession. Bit by bit, Greek society is being stretched, and it is popping at the seams.

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