“Stand up on your feet” sings Hindi Zahra, to whom?

Dear Hindi Zahra,                                                                                                               

Hindi Zahra – Stand Up

thanks to the Palestinian BDS movement i came accross your excuisit voice and music !

I was pleasently surprised to see that your roots derive from Marocco, thus i suppose you are familiar to the Arab culture and politics, and no doubt the Arab Spring that shoock the entire world, reaching even the “Tahrir Squares” of New York.

Yet then i was astonished that You of all artists, decided to play in Israel on November 12. I am sure you are aware of the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the narrow but so brave Gaza Strip. I want to believe that you are aware of the entire Palestinian people call (through all the major ngo’s union, organisations, parties ech. representing the people) that asks from all people of the world bearing a concience to Boycotte the Israeli Apartheid regime that clames the lives of the Palestinian people of all ages. You watch the news right?  if not,  google it and you will understand my point, i don’t want to repeat the sad stories i only read about, but my Palestinian friends have to bare and live with.

You Hindi, of all artists, who call through your songs for people to “Stand up”, you a Marocan? you will be the one to ignore nore just the Palestinian’s people call but the one arising from every Arab country, demanding democracy, not the western fake one, but the true democracy involving the people, the one that calls for the liberation of their Palestinian brothers and sisters, you will be the one to ignore that, and open the path to the artistic/cultural normalization of the relationship with the Israeli Apartheid Regime?

I do not believe it will be so, i do not believe the call from your own flesh and blood will let you do such a mistake, the kind we then regret for a lifetime. Please, if you don’t know enough to make the right decision go to PACBI’s website [www.pacbi.org] and learn. But if after you learn, you still insist to go to play in Israel, in that case, i would not like to hear your conciense’s scary cries.

PS: Only a few days ago, a great Greek singer, Martha Frintzila, announced that she canceled her participation in Oud Festival in Jerusalem due to political and consience reasons. You know Hindi, here in Greece we are in the center of an economic turmoil that is ruining our lifes, but the day Martha announced this decision of her’s, a glimpse of hope that people still can “stand up” besides the difficulties, besides the crisis warmed our worried hearts. I hope you will ceize the opportunity to give some serenity to the troubled mind of your Arab sisters and brothers as well.

I wish all the best to you

but mostly, to your people

Georgia Mylonaki,

journalist – member of the Intifada Association in Greece [www.intifada.grhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/intifadagr/]




2 thoughts on ““Stand up on your feet” sings Hindi Zahra, to whom?

  1. Choumicha says:

    I think you might wanna do yourself a favor and do some research about the ethnicity of Moroccans. Moroccans are not Arabs, they were and still are culturally arabized. Some Moroccans are also Jewish…which makes the relationship between Morocco and Israel different than other Middle-East North-African countries. I’m not saying Morocco isn’t pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. I’m just saying that you can’t apply your narrow-minded theory to every country which you hear is Arab. AND LEARN HOW TO SPELL MOROCCAN FOR GOD’S SAKE!!


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