Unduly absent _Eleftherotypia @ ESIEA-POESY

(the following is an older [mid October] post-announcement, regarding media unions & workers reflecting the problems and mobilisation needs arising the specific period in Greece, the related discussions and demands of the workers in the media sector and the way the union & federation responds to it. The very important result of this announcement was that during the demo that followed, ESIEA did take part, with a banner and quite a lot of workers joined the union in that  public protest. Ofcourse there is still a lot to be done, but we have entered the right path now i want to believe…)
The entire Greece against the multi-draft bill:
Wednesday, 19 October 2011
We copy from the above announcement of POESY (Pan – Hellenic Federation of Journalist’s Unions) :

“POESY salutes the journalists and technical stuff that found themselves side by side with the demonstrators and bravely described the march and the clashes and we call upon them to continue serving their duty with collectedness and responsibility, according to our conduct rules.”

Eleftherotypias banner in the October 2011 demos in Athens                   (The banner states: Eleftherotypia workers,

3 months no-pay, hand the wages now)

Coworkers, after we salute the magnificent today’s manifestation of the Greek people, in which plethora -not according to today’s needs, but also hard to count and we will explain the reason why- of journalists, technical employees and in general workers of the wider Media sector participated, we wish to denounce the negligence and the inadequacy of our unions to respond to the needs of the workers and also of the period in general.

It is widely known, and was criticized by all means by workers coming from every media and every specialty, that ESIEA (Union of Journalists of Athens’s Daily Newspapers) approved the decision for a 24hour strike yesterday, Tuesday 18 October 2011, for the entire sector and for a 48hour strike on 19 and 20 October only in the public media sector. It is a fact that the media workers felt with this decision to be excluded from the pan-Hellenic strike manifestations that convulse the country at this very moment and asked, even at the last minute, yesterday afternoon, from the administrative council of ESIEA to announce at least a 4hour stoppage, so that they could participate to the mobilizations. If some journalists have flextime working hours and could anyway take part in the demonstration, the technical workers do not share the same luxury, and only the proclaim of the stoppage would secure their possibility to attend the manifestations. Nevertheless, the correlations inside the council were such, that even this could not be granted, so we were told.

At the same time, the elected trade unionists coworkers called upon all the workers who were able, to enrich the mobilizations with their presence. And many (unknown how many) did participate. Nevertheless, even though ESIEA and POESY called the members and non members to take part in the manifestations, they did not take the minimum, kindergarten-level, provision to have a banner signed by ESIEA or POESY, so that their members and non members that managed to attend would demonstrate under such an umbrella banner and present an as massive and as strong as possible gathering within the manifestation, showing to the rest of the society that the media workers regard themselves part of it, that walks and struggles along with it, listening the cataclysmic changes that sweep the entire society and our whole lives. We managed, that is to say, due to our union’s responsibility, even though we were present, to remain for once again absent.

Such an omission is unacceptable and unjustifiable, in a moment when everybody is counting his/her stature in order to see if we can stand up to the occasion, the cubit of the demands of the struggle heightens and the entire society is counting it’s alliances and it’s enemies. We shall be counted as what? As the most uncoordinated and union wise deficient social fraction and as such we must be counted! Characteristic it is that when a member of the ESIEA council was asked why this unacceptable omission took place, the answer was that ESIEA and POESY were not certain they could find two persons to hold the banner… MERCY. He was then asked why they did not contact us, who have proved that we participate in the mobilizations and the answer this time was… lifting his shoulders.

Coworkers, if for any, various different reasons (correlations, inexperience, diffidence, wrong estimations) the leadership, our union’s councils are unable to respond to today’s pressing needs, what we ought to do is surpass them, answer on our own to the demands of the occasion and force them to follow us.

What has to happen is the immediate self-organization and self-coordination in every media business and among each other, so that the media workers, those who want and are able to do it, to participate in every strike and other manifestation with strength, massively, with racing pulse, with banners, loudspeakers, announcements and proclamations so that we can shout, be heard and be accounted for as a struggling member of the Greek society and not as it’s abortion.

Georgia Mylonaki (Eleftherotypia worker, non ESIEA member)
Panos Sokos (representative of Eleftherotypia journalists in ESIEA)
Tasos Mamounas  (representative of Eleftherotypia administration workers in EPIEA)
Fotis Panagopoulos (representative of Eleftherotypia technical workers in ETIPTA)

the original document in Greek can be found here:
(the blog of Panos Sokos, representative of Eleftherotypia journalists in ESIEA)


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