Eleftherotypia newspaper – 24hour strike worker’s resolution


The resolution of X.K. Tegopoulos & Fotoekdotiki workers general assembly

on November 2nd 2011

Image of the assembly by Spyros Tsakiris

The general assembly of the workers in X.K. Tegopoulos and in Fotoekdotiki, that took place in the 2nd November 2011, decided with 273 for and 31 votes against* to suggest to Diasomateiako (the presidents of the 11 media workers unions) to immediately declare a 24hour strike, demanding the payment of accrued and in response to the prolong state of uncertainty regarding the newspaper and its workers future.

The assembly was informed by the journalists representative that the publisher, Mania Tegopoulou, made known to him on Tuesday that, after Alpha Bank’s decision not to grant the 8 million euro loan, that had been agreed a month ago, she has no other means to ensure funding for the newspaper and the workers salaries and therefore she is unable to continue the publication of the newspaper. This development keeps 850 workers, who remain without pay for three months now, in limbo.

The assembly decided as well:

-To ask from Diasomateiako to declare a 48hour strike in an open date.

– All workers to deposit insurance measures (the ones that haven’t yet) for the payment of the previously accrued dues (August, September & October).

– To immediately begin the job retention procedures.

– To ask for the activation of the reconciliation committee of the Ministry of Labor.

– To appoint a lawyer for the enhancement of the legal procedures regarding our labor issues.

The workers, as they stated within their assembly, after taking the stated initiatives, with their stature and their actions, are trying to keep the newspaper alive and in the information forefront, ensuring at the same time their labor rights in the most effective possible way, honoring, thus, their relationship with the readers and all of the citizens. This effort is going to intensify in the coming period within the frame of our strength and capability.

*the 31 “against” voters preferred the approach that suggested the immediate declaration of a 48hour strike

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