24hour strike in Eleftherotypia newspaper from 12.00 am today until 12.00 am tomorrow

ESIEA (Union of Journalists of Athens daily newspapers)

EPIEA (Union of personnel of Athens daily newspapers)

ETIPTA (Union of technicians of Athens daily newspapers)

Panhellenic Lithographers Union

Thursday 3 November 2011

With overwhelming majority the assembly of the workers in “Eleftherotypia” (X.K. Tegopoulos & Fotoekdotiki) that took place yesterday resoluted to propose to the Unions (ESIEA, EPIEA, ETIPTA and Lithographers Union) the immediate declaration of 24hour strike starting today (3 November 2011) at noon until the same day tomorrow, which the Unions accepted and realize.

The assembly also decided:

-To ask from Diasomateiako the declaration of 48hour strike in an open date

-All workers to ask for insurance measures for the payment of the so far accrued dues (August, September and October) and

-To immediately activate the job retention procedures

-All the above are approved by our Unions.

The coworkers weighing the gravity of the situation, after having exhausted every limit of patience and good faith and as a reaction towards the prolonged uncertainty regarding the future of the newspaper and its workers, fight for the retention of their jobs and the newspaper’s edition with dignity and full vesting of all related rights.

Both the workers and the Unions have realized that they can not be the sole victims between the employers, the bank system and the political power.

The workers and the Unions call the company and the management of Eleftherotypia, before the escalating mobilization, to undertake their responsibilities, because the tolerance and good faith that the Unions and the workers have showed until now, can not be considered as a sign of weekness.

(the original post can be found in Greek in www.esiea.gr)

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