One month strike at Greek Halyvourgia inc. – Steel industry in Thriasio, Elefsina

Greek Halyvourgia inc. – Saturday 10th of December 2011

The victory of the workers in Halyvourgia inc.  is the one that will turn the scale of the class strugle in Greece in favor of the working class of the entire country. The 400 workers that did not leave their 50 fired coworkers on their own are the ones that will kneel down the bourgeoisie, the solidarity of the people will crush them. They sown storms they will reap steel. Here the workers are one fist, here the parties within the union bowed to the class rule, here the struggle is so conscious and so crystal clear that will freeze the blood in their vains. Here our future will be determined…

ALL JOIN THE MOBILIZATION (Eleusis, Heroes Square,10 am)

At the gate of the Steel Industry all together we write another page in the big book of the struggles of our people. You give to us material help from your so badly needed savings, from the salary that you do not have, from the unemployment allowance that is not enough. You give us strength and tenacity! We hold on one month in a harsh strike and we continue on. We broke the silence; we proved that we workers have great strength. The industry owners are concerned, the business owner Manessis though terrified, is not alone. They grant him support because of the role he plays, that of the rabbit!

If the measures pass in the steel industry, nothing will be left standing. If they break their face here, nothing will be the same for the other factories as well. Do not listen to the lies of the industry owners and their people. They are not the ones who will work for peanuts in the factories. They are getting paid well for their dirty job. After the “visits” to homes, the “letters”, the terrorism with extrajudicial measures, fell on deaf ears, now they put the Labour Ministry to “advise” us: “Accept the terms of Manessis, otherwise you will find yourselves in the unemployment fund.” When we were protesting outside the ministry he made another 16 layoffs!

Major industry owners, you’re just fooling yourselves. Our last word has not yet been spoken! We are one fist. Ready for the toughest class struggle! We do not return back into the fire and the iron for 500 euros! We demand that our 50 laid-off colleagues get back their jobs!

Our struggle, concerns all employees. The latest developments are revealing. The industry owners use the laws of the PASOK -ND-Karatzaferis government. They force the rotating work, the abolishment of the contracts, salary reductions at 450-500 euros. Wherever the workers backed down, the employers attack took gigantic scales. This was followed by layoffs, work intensification, even business closures, with workers left unpaid for many months.

There are thousands examples, we all have such experience. The industry owners are closing down our houses, not our struggle for our work. Our bread, we defend it fighting, not begging for it!

Colleagues, the measures are becoming generally implemented, not only steel workers are on target, we all are. It is time the struggle as a fire to ignite in the factories! Now your participation in the struggle is not a question of solidarity, it is a matter of life and death for the entire working class!

Move aside the people of the industry owners; do not be afraid of them! Make a general assembly, decide to strike! It is time for industry owners to get a clear message that only the struggle of workers in factories can give!

All together in the struggle. Victory will be ours.

The general assembly of workers in the Greek Steel Inc. in Aspropyrgos
Greek Association of Labor Steel Inc.
Founded 1982

4 thoughts on “One month strike at Greek Halyvourgia inc. – Steel industry in Thriasio, Elefsina

  1. geomylo says: in Greek with two videos at the end of the very interesting article


  2. steve says:

    I am in uk, and afraid that the Greek working class: militant and mighty as it is, is NoT going to be able to win on it’s own. That is, without the international working class!!
    the capitalists are international, the economy is international, and the crisis is international; the working class of all countries have similar problems and similar aims, also the socialist future of equality and dignity can only be international (as well as working class-led): we are not “99%” but together with our families and dependents, wage-workers are the vast majority and actually we produce All the value in society by our labour………
    so i am wondering why calls for international solidarity are not made: eg, imagine if the German steel-workers struck in solidarity with the Greek steel-workers – that would be a mighty signal, and could begin an enormous chain of events.


    • geomylo says:

      Actually, many unions from several countries have sent messages of solidarity to the steel workers here. Besides that, the day i was there and took these pictures a boy from France gathered info to write an article, a girl from Spain was shooting a documentary and on Friday an Italian journalist who is producing a documentary about Greek middle class going down was in Aspropyrgos factory. So it does happen the connection exists and the interest about this struggle has spread out of the Greek borders… Not easy though, we have yet to establish a “forum” in order to communicate such kind of things easy and quickly.

      PS I have written an article for a British edition, when it gets public i will send you the link.


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