15-50 a very promising new Greek band

“At nights i dress up like a child” 

Five o’clock in the morning and I am in great sorrow
I feel that always in my life I have been only victim
so a pen I grab and a cigarette I light
normally to rock I listen, but tonight I ‘m going to rap

During the day I am hiding well, but is a heavy burden
I have many who love me, but still I feel alone
so I am asking all the time for a humble apology
for not being dragged by the times and have an opinion of my own

At nights before I go to sleep I ‘m turning all the lights on
and try to fear the way I feared at first
At nights I dress up like a child who is searching in the dark
if only to hide in his mother’s caress

Need to enter the internet if you want to flirt
and the answer you expect through e-mail you will get
Times have changed, the chick-fishers have died
Lentil eats the man and the chick eats the souvlaki

Hello mother and dad that you made your child
what you would like to have become in your own life
you built for him a life in the foothills of grief
he threw down his sword and began the abuse.

At nights those who tell the truth are shown
and the moon will show what lies inside your breasts
at nights I am dressing like a child, a star I chose
it may be able to tell me what nobody knows

The Greek philosophize with the frappe in hand
he speaks as if he was so wise, but he knows only nothing
they say that only leftists can write a poem
But if art is leftist how come it has so much cash?

The glass will embrace you if you want to shout
Enter a demonstration you too, if you want to burst out
anyway they will call you whatever you state you are
They may even make you God if you give your body

At nights you dress up like a God and you stop the time
more simple the world becomes without joy and pain
At nights the candle looks like sun that rises
and the room is a land that wants only you

I am not one who will tell you what the path is
my pain is an advice and if you want you take it
I am not the one who has found all the answers
I don’t save human souls nor even consciences

Seven o’clock in the morning, ending the ink
I do not regret a single moment for what I have ever done
so I leave the pen and the cigarette I put out
to blacken my dream I do let no one

At nights you dress up like a God
… No I do let no one
The world becomes simpler
… No I do let no one
At nights the candle looks
… No I do let no one
And the room a land
… No I do let no one

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