“Eleftherotypia” newspaper – 26 days on strike

… “Eleftherotypia” – 26 days on strike !!!



5 months unpaid,
26 days on strike,
always dignified

We, the 800 workers of X.K. Tegopoulos and Fotoekdotiki A.E., enter the 6th month without being paid our salary. We did show patience and continued to publish the newspaper without pay for five months. We knew that the notorious loan, if granted, would be accompanied by the reduction of the wage costs by 50%, that is to say lead to massive layoffs. Since then, 100 colleagues of ours have been forced to leave without compensation.

Since the 22nd of December we are on repeated strikes, demanding our earned wages, our jobs, full compensations and an honest answer about the financial data and the intentions of X.K. Tegopoulos. The sole answer we took was constant delays and mockery, culminating in the sudden application of Article 99. While, in the middle of threats about bankruptcy, the publisher was reassuring us that “I am not willing to doubt the wages and the compensations of the editors and the workers under no circumstances”, she was methodically moving in the opposite direction. As her lawyers cynically declared in court “the Article 99 is meaningless if employees are exempted”!

The Greek Justice, confirming that at the time of the Memorandum “Law is in the interest of the employer” has accepted this request on an unprecedented anti-labor decision.

All continues in misty scenery, unemployment and employer’s terrorism is culminating, but resistance also intensifies.

Alongside the 400 workers of the “Greek Steel” Industry, who run the 77th day of strike, on the side of the 400 unpaid workers in Alter TV station who are on job retention, alongside thousands of colleagues in private and public media who struggle against layoffs, cutbacks and individual contracts, alongside all those who fight for the obvious – the bread, the freedom and the dignity – we continue with solidarity, unity and struggle.

* They are with the “Article 99”, we are with the 99% of society

* Your active solidarity is welcome,
not in money but in kind

* United we win!

 ELEFTHEROTYPIA’s Workers Initiative


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