Sparks’ “National Rank-and-File Action Committee” sends it’s Greetings to the strike at Greek newspaper “Eleftheriotypia”

The conference of the Sparks’ “National Rank-and-File Action Committee” in Birmingham of 14.1.12 sends it’s Greetings to the strike at Greek newspaper “Eleftheriotypia”, which must be supported by all workers!

The same capitalists that are using the “austerity-drive” of all Governments are attacking you, are attacking us!

We have common cause, and need to find ways of uniting!

Electricians (Sparks) on big building sites in uk are being threatened with pay-cuts of up to 35% as major employers want to destroy the “JIB” agreement that has been in place since 1968.The Sparks responded to this with a meeting of 500 workers in London in August 2011 which elected a “National Rank-and-File Action Committee” to resist the employers where the unions are unable to because of bureaucratic structure and the anti-union laws.

This move is as historically signifcant as the 1972 Construction sites strike, which was led by militant rank-and-file workers shutting down sites on their own initiative – the last time there was national action in the construction trade, and a battle that the workers won!

The big employers are trying to get the workers to sign away their long-standing agreement, to which the Sparks reply (in their paper Site Worker) “You must not sign. Stand up and fight for your rights. Think of what you stand to lose, think of what your children and grandchildren stand to lose. At the stroke of a pen the agreements we all fought for could be finished forever and it won’t stop – there will be more wage cuts to come!

We have the upper hand. We are the workers who build their factories, offices, power stations etc. Without us, these firms are nothing. Union power must be brought to bear. The workers united will never be defeated!

The sparks in particular have shown other site workers and trade unionists that the undemocratic stranglehold fulltime offficials have in the unions and the absolte control employers have on site can be resisted.

All of this resistance has been underpinned by the democratic election of nationl and many local action committees together with mass meetings democratically deciding what to do and how to do it. This is the essence of trade unionism and in fact workers’ democracy.


When the dispute is finished, we must continue with our independent Rank-and-File Committees and organisation to bring about the total democratisation of Unite the union, with all officials in the union and on-site ELECTED and controlled by the rank-and-file membership”

The Sparks are not content with simply defending existing agreements, but demand the cutting of the working week with no loss of pay!


ViCTORY to the heroic strikers at Eleftheriotypia!

ViCTORY to the Rank-and-File Sparks!

Unity of all workers shall win!


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