Solidarity Concert for the Media Workers


4.000 lost jobs, layoffs and “padlocks” in the print and electronic Media, flexible working relationships, outstanding “cuts” in wages and pensions, individual contracts, “black” and unpaid work, unions in the service of employers and not of employees…

The Media workers, victims of the same brutality that is imposed upon the entire society and pushes it to poverty, we join our voices with all workers. We are not begging, we demand through our struggles respectful and stable working conditions and remuneration.

Thus was born the idea for a concert that not only will highlight the problems that plague the Media sector, but will also become a meeting point for the workers in every sector who are severely affected by the unpopular policies.

Because the triptych Struggle-Solidarity-Dignity, more than a slogan, has to become a reality!

Big Solidarity Concert with the Struggle of the Media Workers

Monday 30th January, at the indoor basketball court in Peristeri. (Yiannitson 81 & J. Kennedy)

opening time at 19.00 a.m.

FREE entrance

Participant Artists:

Sp. Grammenos – P. Dourdoubakis – Al. Emmanouilidis & M. Papageorgiou – M. Zamani & The Angry Birds – P. Thalassinos – K. Thomaides – Illegal Operation – Alexis K. & Th. Anestopoulos – E. Kouneni – G. Koutras – G. Lekopoulos & M. Menahem – Lolek – D. Mitsotakis & Oi Evdaimones – Th. Mikroutsikos – Mode Plagal – P. Mouzourakis – L. Papadopoulos & Phase ReNerse – Radiosol – Spyridoula – Yperastikoi


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